Kristen White

This week we would like to introduce Azarue's bride, Kristen White! Kristen is celebrating her one year anniversary with her husband, Cory! Kristen and Cory met in 2012 at the boardwalk movie theater. He was the first person she saw when she went in for an interview...

Jenifer Cupples

We are so excited to introduce Azarue's bride, Jenifer Cupples, this week! Jenifer and Derek met at a Mexican restaurant when they had a get together with some mutual friends. They didn’t actually talk that night, but a few days later they connected and the rest is...

Britney Rowell

We are so excited to present Azarue’s bride, Britney Rowell!! Britney and Mack were married on November 22, 2017, at the Made in the Shade courtyard in Jefferson, Texas. They met at their work when he helped her unload some beverages for a wedding and little did they...

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